December 23, 2015 therebelsociety

60 Minutes: Inside Apple with Tim Cook

If you’re on team iPhone, 60 Minutes ran an interesting segment on Apple this past Sunday, talking to Tim Cook about what makes the company so successful.

Of course, him taking the reigns following the lead of Steve Jobs was massive, but he hasn’t buckled under pressure and has taken the corporation to new plateaus. He stayed mum on what they have on the way, including their plans with Apple TV and getting into the car game.

CBS also spoke to Chief Design Officer, Jony Ive, about some of the protoypes for the new iPhone 6 and what the team felt like was a better look. As he put it, the textures help bring the experience to life, which is why they work so hard on designs, in hopes of bringing the absolute best product into the hands of the consumers.

The cameras also went into meeting rooms and retail designs at the Apple campus, exploring the offices of where the billion dollar company operates. Check out the episode above and learn more about your favorite phone manufacturer.

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